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Vicar's Revenge

Jaleta Clegg

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2010 Jaleta Clegg

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The Vicar's Revenge

Jaleta Clegg

"I say, Vicar!" Alfred licked his fork clean. "That was exceptionally tasty pie." His tongue probed his mustache for overlooked morsels. "What kind of berries did you say you used?"

"I didn't." The Vicar gave Alfred a thin smile. "They are a special variety. I picked them myself."

"Ah." Alfred licked his thick lips and leaned forward. The chair creaked under his weight. "Would there perhaps be more?"

"I'm so sorry, that was the last of the pie. I have to thank you for coming to tea." The Vicar hid his repulsion under a thin layer of civility.

"Thank you for inviting me. Well, I should be off then."

"Not quite yet. Please, Alfred. Just relax." The Vicar daintily sipped tea. "You do so remind me of a frog. One of those fat, uncouth, slimy ones from the ponds below the canal."

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