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A Stormy Night

Brian Barber

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Brian Barber


It was a Thursday. I managed to get the fire going in spite of the slightly damp wood. I could kick myself for not bringing some in yesterday. It had been such a nice day; clear skies, the sun was out and the lake was as smooth as glass. It’s hard to believe in a matter of hours the world would freeze solid with more snow on the way.

I could barely see the pile of firewood now just a few yards outside my back door. I had a few pieces of hard oak left that might get me though another day if I was lucky. The lake had an eerie fog rising on it like smoke from Old Man Winter’s pipe. Today was a special day. Not sure if it was a good kind of special or bad but at least now I was alone. I could think now.

We had just wrapped up shooting for my last film and I was exhausted. I told my assistant that I was going to disappear for a week or so and not to bother me unless it was some kind of emergency. I looked at my smartphone, no signal here and the fiber connection was down. Good thing too, I might be tempted to try to connect with the outside world and this week was about staying as disconnected as possible.

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