My Love

By Sophie Chan

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Sophie Chan


If you’re reading this eBook and did not purchase it, please purchase a copy. This eBook is a classic romance novel with twists and turns including sexually explicit material. Reader discretion is advised!


Chapter One

“What’s up Doc? Waiting for the valet?” Brian Tosh was the Biology professor and Katelyn was one of his stunning students. Brian realized how hot she was, the moment she had sashayed into his anatomy class with all her bodily features evident to curious onlookers; in this case, fellow students, especially the few boys who happened to sign up for the same class.

The damsel in question in the scenario here, had a very special walk, with unique characteristics displayed by certain ladies reserved only for a catwalk or for certain six-foot tall professors in extreme grade-elevating cases. Katelyn was eagerly working on a new project of hers and she had recruited the well-built Brian unbeknownst to him for the sole purpose of starring in this new role. She planned on setting the trap and hoped to capture the unsuspecting professor at the earliest possible opportunity.

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