Upstairs, Hot in the Attic

Sam Heatherley

Copyright 2012 by Sam Heatherley

Smashwords Edition

The room I was sleeping in was at very the top of the house, up on the third floor, in the attic. It had been another gloriously hot summer's day and this beautiful old 18th century stone built chateau still radiated heat from it's inner core. As the only ventilation was from a small skylight which was already propped open as far as it would go, the room was very warm. The night was still and there was little or no breeze. There was a near full moon and the moonlight dimly illuminated my room in an eerie way. An owl hooted from somewhere out in the gardens. The sultry heat was making it near to impossible to sleep.

Feeling even warmer than the previous night, I lay on the single bed in the middle of the room with just my pajama trousers on, with no covers over me. Eventually, I must have dozed off. Then something must have woken me. I found I was soaked in sweat. The heat was now a little less severe than earlier, bit still very warm. I could just hear the church clock in the village nearby chime 2 o'clock. I’d been asleep for almost three hours. Feeling even more tired than when I first came up to bed, I was on the point of falling asleep again when I heard a faint noise from the room next door. The walls were thin, being made from planks of tongue and groove wood taken from the chestnut tree.

My father had explained that this was common in this part of France. Chestnut wood was in plentiful abundance in the surrounding forests, so it made it a perfect choice to use this timber when it came to building one of these lovely old chateaux. It is also a wood that was not favored by spiders, so no cobwebs to clean. The moon, had shifted position. This meant that my room was now in almost complete darkness. As I peered almost blindly about me, I was about to reach out for the bedside light, when I saw something. I could just make out a weak beam of light emanating from a small hole in the thin wooden wall. It must have been a knot hole. Where the wood had dried over time, the knot must have eventually fallen out to leave a hole of I guess two inches or so in diameter.

Over the years, I had slept in this room countless times and it seemed strange that I had never noticed the hole before. Someone, may be my aunt (Patricia was not really my aunt - she was a long standing friend of my mother’s going back to when they were at school together), must have rearranged the furniture, thereby exposing the hole. Although, I must admit, there was not a great deal to rearrange as the room was pretty spartan. Well intrigued by the noise, which I then heard again, I gingerly climbed out of bed. Stealthily, I crept across the room, towards the hole. Crouching down to waist height, I put my eye up to the hole to take a peek. I strained as I peered through into the murkiness that lay behind.

The room on the other side of the wall was dimly lit by the moonlight. Whilst it was not illuminated quite as well as mine had been earlier, when I squinted, I could see that this room, which I'd never set foot in, was a mirror image to the one I was sleeping in. At some time the two rooms must have been one large attic room and it had been divided to provide an extra guest bedroom when needed.

I heard the noise again, but through the wall it sounded like a soft moan. Squinting harder I strained my eye scanning through the poor light of the room. I could see some furniture, a wardrobe a wash stand and large chest of drawers. As my right eye blurred a little as I strained, I switched eyes. Using my other one I continued to survey the room.

At first, I could not see a bed and thought that perhaps no one was in there. Peering to the extreme left, I saw what at first I thought were rags strewn on the floor. But as I looked and looked, it appeared as though they were articles of clothing. Just thrown untidily in a small heap. Then as my left eye became more accustomed to the lack of light, I saw a bed. Looking harder I could now see someone lying on it. I pulled away from my observation point.

Although I was certain I could not be discovered, my eye was beginning to feel quite painful. So I waited for a few minutes and rested. Once recovered, I peeked through the hole once more in the direction of the bed. Either I was more used to the subdued lighting or the moon had moved a little. Either way, I could now see slightly better than before. I could faintly make out the outline of a woman, unmistakably, with beautiful curvaceous undulating outline. Whoever it was lying on their side, facing away from me. From what I could see they appeared to be have very little clothing or more likely, in the heat, they were totally naked. They lay completely still, apparently fast asleep.

As I continued to watch, entranced, I then heard another not quite so soft moan. Definitely not of a man but now clearly that of a woman. And I was sure it was a young one. It must have been one of the two sisters, either Bernadette or Monique. Although they were both very pretty and very similar in appearance, they could not have been more different in character. Like chalk and cheese, black and white. Just one year separated them in age. Monique was the younger and had just had her eighteenth birthday.

Bernadette had just broken up with her fiancé, Michel, after a long term relationship had faltered. She had recently moved back to her parent's house. She had left Michel, her childhood sweetheart and now a top level young, bright fashion designer at their luxury apartment in Paris a few days before I arrived after she had found him with his cock embedded in one of the models at a fashion show. His plea telling her that he still loved her and that the woman she had caught him fucking meant nothing and went on deaf ears. Bernadette moved out the following day.

Believing that she was still asleep and tossing and turning in her dreams, I lost interest. I was just about to move away and go back to my own bed, when unmistakably I saw movement as she turned over. She rolled over from her side, to lay on her back. This gave me a formidable perspective of her gorgeous body and what she was doing. As her hand quivered in a slow jerky motion between her wide spread legs, she was unmistakably pleasuring herself. The other hand was on her breasts which fondled, cupped and squeezed them.

Her glowing sweat covered body, her breasts and engorged nipples like corks were magnificently silhouetted by the moonlight. From my voyeur angle, low down, I was on a level with her. The outline of her exquisite form looked so sexy and vulnerable as she lay there in her bed, writhing and squirming as she thrilled herself. In the poor light I could still not see who it was, but I guessed it must have been Bernadette, as Monique who still lived here with her mother, would probably have had one of the more permanent bedrooms downstairs on the first floor.

Taking vehement interest in the neighboring room, I continued with my naughty, secret voyeurism. As I watched, as she drove herself to orgasm, she became increasingly aroused (I must admit, and so did I as pre cum oozed from my hardness). Opening her legs impossibly wide she spread eagled herself, then removed her hand from her breasts and now played both of them over her lower body, toying and pleasuring her sex. Her body, glistened with sweat, bucked, writhed and twisted. Her back arched as she pushed herself towards orgasm. Her right hand was now almost a blur as she ferociously rubbed and stimulated her clitoris while her left drove in and out of her, manipulating and further stimulating her sodden vagina. The wet sopping noise this made, I could clearly hear.

The orgasm built deep, deep inside her and approached like an express train at full speed. Her beautiful body began to convulse in fast jerky spasm movements. Writhing and squirming, her back arched painfully and finally she came. Wishing to savor the sensation to the full, the blur of her hand on herself slowed and eased to a more sedate pace. Her other hand continued it's work on her vagina and with another small shiver she came again with a spectacular second orgasm to round things off. If I had not been awake I certainly would have been now as the noise she made, well it was far from quiet. Even I was exhausted and all I'd done was watch this enthralling event.

I moved away, as my eyes were now aching because of all the straining I'd put them through. I had the erection of my life and needed to take care of it. Clumsily, in my semi blindness, just before I got back in I stumped my toe on the metal foot of the bed. It made me swear under my breath, which I cursed myself for doing as whoever was next door would almost certainly have heard me.

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