A Day in a Life in After World: Sugar

By Eric Johnson

Copyright ©2012 Eric Johnson

Smashwords Edition

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A Day in a Life in After World

This is a series of short stories based in the same world as the book series A Life in After World. Instead of telling the life story of one character, these stories tell the story of one day in the life of a person in After World. The stories should be able to stand alone but together they tell of a bigger story.

After World is a world in which due to a catastrophic solar storm, all electrical technology on Earth failed. Because of this, most of the world’s population died off. This period in the history is known as the Red Sun Millennia. Those that did survive had to fight, struggle, and evolve to survive. When the storm was over, the sun dawned on a new world with many different races of humans.

Electrical technology is now possible, but it is forbidden by most because of the damage it did when it failed before.

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