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Kayla, can we talk?” Jamie asked her. She looked disheveled and sad, but Jamie couldn’t help but find her irresistible. He took a sharp breath when he saw the dark circles under her tear-stained eyes. It was like a kick in his gut.

No.” Kayla responded. Seeing him standing there twisted her heart into knots and her stomach dropped to the floor. She could barely stand looking at him.

He hadn’t been ready for that answer. He was even further surprised when she started to close the door in his face. He threw his foot in the way of the door and grasped her arm. He saw the look of pain that entered her eyes just a scant second before she exploded.

Don’t touch me!” She whispered harshly as she pulled her arm out of his grasp. He hadn’t truly hurt her, but her arm was still tender from Jordan’s tight grip earlier that day. Jamie looked confused and then glanced at her arm being idly rubbed by her other hand. He pulled her forward and lifted the arm of her t-shirt. Dark bruises were already forming in the shape of a hand on her arm. Jamie fought to control his temper.

Did Jordan do this to you?” He asked, his voice barely controlled. He lightly touched the purple splotches of her skin and a shiver went through her. She pulled her arm away from him and he let her, not wanting to cause her any more pain.

It doesn’t matter. I can’t be a part of your world, Jamie. It’s not fair to either of us,” She stopped when she realized that the tears were coming back.

It does matter. You matter, Kayla. I know I was an idiot to ever tell Jordan the truth about us, but I was drunk. I almost never drink. And you… You let me believe that you had no intention of being with me by sleeping in the other room. How was I supposed to react?” He asked.

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