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I would strongly advise all students to read the original text once again even if you have already read it, after reading this short treatise. You will see that the same story, after reading this treatise, will begin to give many new meanings to you.

All the best.

Raja Sharma

Chapter Two: About Irene Hunt

Irene Hunt was born on 18th May, 1907 in Pontiac, Illinois. After a few days of her birth, her father, Franklin P. and her mother, Sarah Land, moved to Newton, Illinois.

Unfortunately, when Irene Hunt was only seven years old, her father passed away. The family was compelled to move again to be near to Hunt’s grandparents. Her childhood was not so pleasant, for she was mostly lonely. Irene Hunt had a very special relationship with her grandfather. He often told her stories which used to be highly informative for Irene Hunt. The grandfather mostly told her stories about his childhood during the Civil War.

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