Be not afraid, only believe

. (Mark 5:36)

February 25, 2009.

My name is Chris Kent. Several months ago, Multiple Myeloma came back to haunt me. I was riding on a tour bus with Lorrie Morgan and the band. It was a long trip home. I had laid down to take a nap. I was about to get up and realized, I couldn’t turn over. I had opened the curtain to my bunk and our background singer just happened to be walking by. I reached out and said, “Hey... help me!” She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my bunk. This was pain that I had before. Several years earlier. BUT, never in my rib area.

I went to my doctor to let her know what was going on. There was nothing pointing to this pain being cancer. But she was almost positive that it had reared it’s ugly head again. I went and saw a specialist at Vanderbilt Hospital and they found that the disease had shown up. But, it had jumped from being tracked in my blood to being in my urine.

That was just another confirmation of how evil cancer is. We had the disease under control and all was fine. It jumps ship on my blood and tries to sneak in through my urine. And it did this in a very short period of time. I’m convinced its Satan and his cohorts. AND, because it’s him, I know that something HUGE is on the horizon for me.

The enemy is trying to distract me and keep me from whatever it is God has for me. THAT makes me wanna press in more to God and find out what it is that I’m supposed to do.

When I first found out that this thing was back in my life, I knew exactly where to go and who to tell. You need people to be on the same page with you when you’re facing a trial such as this. You want to steer clear of people who are full of doubt and unbelief.

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