"Some people never disappoint us, consistently stepping up to the challenge of making the world a safer place for girls. Sandra Friedman is at the top of that list. She continues to develop innovative and comprehensive programs to promote positive body image, self-esteem and identity, and to build resilience and resistance to the many factors that endanger girls' health and contribute to eating disorders. An outstanding resource for parents, professionals and for girls themselves, Body Thieves is her fourth and most recent work. Once again she has managed to integrate sophisticated feminist theory with practical, real-life examples, elucidating the many causes of these problems and suggesting new strategies to effect change. Like her previous works, this is a 'must have' for anyone involved in the prevention of eating disorders and in health promotion for girls."

Dr. Margo Maine

Excerpt from her book review in the Journal of Eating Disorders

Treatment and Prevention, 11:155-158, 2003

"This is a valuable, important and useful book both in terms of practical advice and also of consciousness raising. It certainly raised my awareness of these particular issues and provided me with information I will use as my daughter undergoes the perilous journey though adolescence.

The writing is easy to read and the tone beautifully balanced—making it warm and approachable—but also very professional. Its particular strength is that Sandra Friedman shows how the Body Thieves steal the souls and spirits of all our girls, even those who never approach having an eating disorder."

Lynn Sackville, Vancouver, British Columbia


Help Girls Reclaim their Natural Bodies and Become Physically Active

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