The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse
by Grandma Sharon

Maurice Gets a Fuzzy Tail


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It was a lovely sunny day when Maurice ventured out of his cozy mousehole. The sun was so bright that he had to squint his tiny little mouse eyes.

He shook his little mouse body, wiped the sleep from his tiny mouse eyes, stretched his little legs, and wiggled his skinny little mouse tail -- like he did every morning when he woke.

Wicky-Wacky-Whoa! I’m ready to go!” said Maurice.

Maurice was awake and he was very hungry.

As he ventured out for his morning breakfast, Maurice saw something very strange. It looked like a very large mouse with a big fuzzy tail. But as he slowly crawled closer, the mouse seemed to get bigger - much, much bigger!

“Wow,” thought Maurice. “I never saw a mouse t-h-a-t big.”

Maurice’s mouse playmate, Maureen saw him hiding in the grass and ran to his side.

“What’s wrong, Maurice? Why are you hiding?”

So Maurice showed his little mouse friend.

“Look, over there,” he whispered as he pointed his skinny little mouse tail in the direction of the critter. “There’s a very large mouse with a fuzzy tail. Have you ever seen a mouse like that before? Check out that tail! Is it one of your relatives? ” asked Maurice!

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