By Audrey Riordan

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Saturday 8th May 1926

A small crowd gathered at the baptismal font near the altar of the Sacred Heart Church. A baby’s snuffled cry echoed around the lofty church. Fr Finnegan coughed discreetly to signal the start of the proceedings. Nonie O Mahony cradled the newborn baby girl, dressed in a shimmering christening gown. She smiled into the little face of her ’daughter’. Standing silent beside her was Patsy, her husband, a look of disapproval and uncertainty etched on his craggy face. Nonie’s niece, Molly Sullivan, stood next to Patsy, her face mirroring his disapproval and beside her, her fiancé, James Fitzpatrick.

‘Dearly Beloved, let us pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to look on this child, who is to be baptised. Welcome Maria Rose O Mahony …, ,’ Fr Finnegan paused and glanced at Nonie. She was oblivious to his inquiring stare.

‘Into God’s family. Bless her parents and her godparents ….

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