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My treasures in this world…

This is small compared to your love.


I thank God for my family, my health, my sanity and my strength.

Writing is tough. Editing, re-editing. Staying up late. Trying to chisel this to a killing perfection.

Nobody does anything without the support and patience of his family…

I want to thank my beautiful wife, Zeljka, for allowing me to vent to her sometimes about my problems about metabolism, even though she did not fully understand what I was talking about. How could she? She has not had the experience with it that I have. She tried to understand as best as she could.

I am grateful to her for her patience since she must have been wondering, what is this crazy man I am married to doing on the computer so much late at night.

Writing demanded my time away from her and the kids. I tried to write at night after putting my kids to bed. So often, like other kids, my children didn’t want to go to bed on time. I had to fight them sometimes, and after that fight was done, I had to fight with these words.

These words are almost like children of sorts. They don’t want to do what I say. When I would come back to them after awhile, they did not flow as smoothly as I first thought they would when I dropped them raw on paper. They always seemed to fall short of what I wanted them to say—which is still my fault, anyways.

The writer should wield the words; not the other way around.

The rework never seemed to stop. I have written and rewritten chapters of this book so many times, trying to get it right. Writing is not rewarding: it is hard work and a lot of aggravation actually.

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