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Many Kamasutras

A Guide to Postures and Methods for
Compatibility in Sexual Union

A New, Modern Interpretation of
Kamasutra and 11 other Kamasastras

Edited with a Detailed Introduction by
Ravi Soni

With Free Support

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Fully Illustrated

Photographs of Kamasutra and Kamasastra postures
as descibed in this book will be available at the support website

What’s New in This Book?

How Woman Comes First in Kamasastras
Postures and Methods Suitable for Equal Union
Classification of Women and Men for Equal Coupling
New Sex Acts and Postures in the later kamasastras
Bodily Pleasures and Cunnilingus

With Modern Translation of Core Parts in:

Kamasutra of Vatsayayana

three major kamasastras:

Ratirahasya of Kokkoka
Anangaranga of Kalyanamalla
Ratimanjari of Jayadev

Cover Photo

Yoninilaya (a woman’s vagina), from the temple of Siva Airavatesvara in Darsuram, second half of 12th century.

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