Mina Cartwright


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The Princess Master

Copyright © 2012 by Mina Cartwright


I’ll tell you this, at least: I had a few plans when I had volunteered to slay the dragon. Getting bound naked to a stone wall with magick wasn’t one of them. I had expected to complete at least one heroic deed and then meet my untimely end. Yes, I had fully anticipated my death. And yet the path I ended up traveling was far removed from what I had imagined.

You’re probably lost. Let me try and start from the beginning.

My full title is Princess Elavisa of Lascivia, but to you, I’m Elle. I’m known for being short and skinny--”The Mini-Princess” until a few years ago. And my mother always teased me for being busty. I wish I had my father’s wispy red hair, but I was born with something thick, wavy, and blonde. And if you didn’t already know, the bard’s song, “Greener Than the Sea” was written about my eyes.

About a year ago, a dragon by the name of Kulaasin began to demand certain sacrifices be made in his name or the end of our way of life would be immediate. Most of Lascivia had never even seen a dragon, though we had heard the stories: Magick was born into their blood, and one of their teeth was about the length of a person’s head. Their very gaze could cause the death of a mortal.

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