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Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Ides of Horror

Chapter Two: Finding Horror

Chapter Three: Attack of the Creepers

Chapter Four: When Animals Attack, Then Eat You, Then Attack Some More

Chapter Five: Houses of Horror

Chapter Six: Rewound

The Appendix (or possibly liver) of Halloween

About the Author

Chapter One: The Ides of Horror

Every once in a while, I find myself teaching a college-level English class, and every semester that contains an October (and a few that don't), I ask my students at some point, "What's your favorite horror movie?"

The answers vary, and that's what the lesson is about: the assumptions we make when we ask certain questions. In this case the assumptions are: A) you like horror movies, B). you can pick a favorite, and, among others, but perhaps most importantly, C) we all agree on what a 'horror' movie is.

Some people will immediately head for the classics, the Canon of Horror: "Halloween," "Friday the 13th," "Nightmare on Elm Street," or even "Saw"--the movies that everyone who knows anything about horror movies know about.

Other choices are trickier. Is Alien a horror movie, or is it science fiction? Does it matter if the ghost in the haunted house story is a reptilian alien that has multiple, many-toothed maws or that the haunted house itself is a spaceship?

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