Supermarket Senryu

Poetry by Vivian Lee

Copyright Vivian Lee April 2013

Smashwords Edition Published by Vivian Lee / April 2013

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Supermarket Senryu was born around 2011 as the result of a bumpy time in life; and I started yet again to write as a means of self-expression. I was a long way from Basho or Li Po from undergrad Asian Studies, as I was writing about things I’d see or do in my supermarket job. I’d write flashes of ideas on the backs of receipt scraps or in a tiny Moleskin till I could get home and share with friends who encouraged me to Do Something with my haiku/senryu. So now that I’ve collected these poems I’m scattering my thoughts around in hopes others will find enjoyment in something quirky, and interesting.

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