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Never Ask Your Uncle For A Vampire Story.

By H. Jason Schulz

Published at Smashwords by H. Jason Schulz

Copyright 2010 H. Jason Schulz All Rights Reserved

It was late Halloween night and my plane had just landed. I had been in Europe on business, specifically in Transylvania. I had promised to visit my brother tonight, but it was so late that I hesitated. Finally I had decided that I should get a room for the night and would stop by in the morning. As if he had been reading my mind, my phone rang, it was my brother. He assured me that the kids were awake and were looking forward to my visit. My brother told me that they wanted to hear all about the vampires I had no doubt encountered during my trip.

My brother offered to drive to the airport and pick me up, but I said I would just as easily catch a cab. On the way to my brother's house, I came up with an idea for a story that seemed pretty funny to me and I determined to tell it if I had the chance.

Soon I was at the front door of my brother's house and ringing the doorbell, I chuckled to myself at the story that I had come up with in the taxi cab. The door opened and my brother greeted me with a hug, and then informed me that they had just been telling ghost stories by the firelight.

My brother has three children, all about two years apart. The youngest is a boy, 10 years old. The other two are girls. They were all sitting, huddled together under a blanket, on a large loveseat partially facing the fireplace. They encouraged me to come and tell a story about the vampires that I met.

I remembered the story idea that I had come up with on the way over, and decided that now was the ideal time to tell it. I took a seat opposite the children in a tall arm chair and began to tell them the most frightening story of their lives. It is as follows:

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