The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse

by Grandma Sharon

Maurice Goes Choo-Choo


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Maurice DeMouse was sound asleep, snuggled in his soft nest of leaves when he was awakened by a strange and very loud sound.

As he yawned, he wiped the sleep from his tiny mouse eyes, stretched his little mouse legs, shook his body, and wiggled his skinny little mouse tail - like he did every morning when he woke up.

Wicky-Wacky-Whoa! I’m ready to go!” said Maurice.

As the little mouse was leaving his mousehole, he saw his mouse friend Maureen, Bobby the Bunny, Squeaky the Squirrel, Stinky the Skunk, and Rosie Racoon.

"Did you hear that?" asked Maurice.

"I heard it!" said Bobby the Bunny. "I was picking a piece of carrot from my front teeth when that noise nearly knocked my big beautiful rabbit ears off my furry little head!"

"Yeah," said Rosie Racoon as she pointed with her ringed-tail to the garbage on the ground.

"I was just about to dig through the leftovers when that awful sound scared me. I tipped over the garbage can before I could decide what I wanted to eat!”

"Don't touch it! That's my breakfast!" yelled the excited racoon as Noodles the Dog approached. “Go home!” Rosie shouted to Noodles. No one messed with Rosie’s garbage.

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