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Say again Red Wing. Say again,” the dispatcher yelled into his headset.

The satellite radio transmission broke up and only a few words got through. “Under heavy attack…Taliban are everywhere…fighting…”

Roger, Red Wing, I copy.” The dispatcher turned to Commander Mitchell for guidance.

Where are they?” he asked staring at a map grid.

Quadrant four, sir. Near the Kunar province.”

Suddenly the radio transmission broke through.

Again, request immediate extraction…under heavy fire…repeat under…”

The transmission line went dead.

The dispatcher looked at Commander Mitchell.

Send out the Chinook immediately,” Mitchell said. “I’ll inform the general.”

* * * *

The MH-47 Chinook took off within minutes carrying sixteen Special Forces soldiers.

As they approached the battlefield the pilot only saw two Navy SEALS fighting in the wooded area of the forest. He gave the “go” sign and eight of the Green Berets readied for the jump into the fire fight.

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