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Easy B-reeding

By Keather Anthony

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Published on Smashwords.

Going to college everyday was not the easiest thing to do, considering we have a full schedule that requires me to dedicate seventy hours a week. I go by the name of Cassandra Willis and I believe that being successful in school can lead me to many opportunities in life. She had a gorgeous body filled with one hundred pounds worth of curves, a skit two sizes smaller to make her butt crease in, and enough cleavage to make anyone wonder if she’s prostituting herself. But my friend Leona Mendez, she is all fun and play. Dragging me to parties on nights when I should be studying and tossing me boys in my whenever she gets the chance. Recently she has been becoming more obsessive than ever, pestering, texting, and calling me endlessly. I decided to give in to her on the basis that she would leave me alone until finals cleared up.

If I do this one thing then will that be it until finals are over?” I said in my sulking response to her thirtieth text message to me in that past fifteen minutes.

She swiftly replied within seconds “Of course, if you don’t like this time. Then I won’t ever bother you about this again? Okay?”

I said “Yes. What is it?” And again like a hawk, she said “Great! Meet me at my dorm room within the next hour. And oh make sure to wear something skanky?” Followed by a winking emoticon, I sighed but went along with her request.

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