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There is an area of vast coniferous forest and idyllic mountain veldts in Washington state, USA, approximately 100 miles south-west of Seattle, known for decades as The Dark Divide, where a long forgotten tribe of hominoid creatures dwell. It is in the Olympic Mountains of that area that these friends of the forest gather, every year, on the eve of the fourth moon, and pay homage to their species which is now in irredeemable decline. Living in lush tropical scenery in family groups of not more than half a dozen, they journey over mountain and across lake in the month of March in order to resume their ancient tradition and appear at tribal gatherings. Where once across these wide lands, there dwelt thousands of their kind, their number now less than two hundred individuals. For even a race that is older than the tar-encrusted fossils of the mammoth, and prouder than the foundations of prosperous Mesopotamia, will one day meet its match and wither away into the distant smokes of history. The ever increasing foe for this race is man. Not directly, for a change, but mankind is still administering their kiss of death, albeit unknowingly, with the growth of technology and the conquest of development. Many of this ancient race’s number were killed by the disaster that was Chernobyl, as thick acrid radon and air pollutants settled on the leaves and forest shrubs that they use as a digestant. Slow and lingering death cursed any creatures who unknowingly consumed the invisible toxics. Indeed, it is the unnatural gases which hazard through the atmosphere, which is also lowering their numbers, and as a more caring breed of man is not fully aware of the creature’s plight, then he can do nothing to protect it from extinction.

The creatures call themselves the “Ee-gor lar-gor”, but humanity, in the state of uncertainty in which we are now muddled, attach them with the adjectival, slightly mocking title of Bigfoot, or the local addresses of Sasquatch, Yeti, or Almasti. Under whatever name, they are a dying breed.


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