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About the BDSM Universe

The premise of this universe is that everyone is bisexual and BDSM relationships are the norm. People identify as dominant, submissive or switch, and seek romantic and sexual partners who complement their own dynamic. Some identify as non-dynamic, but that is rare.

Corporal punishment, both judicial and in the workplace, exists in this universe.

This universe is an escapist, erotic fantasy, requiring a certain suspension of disbelief. I'm not making a case for such a universe being better than our own, or saying this is what a BDSM/bisexual universe would be like if such a thing existed (!). This is just the way I wanted to write this universe. Most of all, it's intended to be fun and not to be taken too seriously - so sit back and enjoy.

This book is not a 'how-to' manual on BDSM. If you want to understand more about lifestyle BDSM, please research the many great non-fiction books on the subject.

I've chosen not to use a capitalized 'dominant' in contrast to a lower case 'submissive' because dominants and submissives are equal and complementary in this universe.

This society is generally more open about sex and sexuality than our own, although they still have their own little hang-ups. The characters don't use condoms because STDs are dealt with by annual vaccination and there is no AIDS in this universe.

If you'd like to read more about my BDSM universe, please visit my original fiction website at

Ricochet was written entirely as an original character novel. It is not adapted from a work of fanfiction.

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