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Chapter One

Rick turned over in bed and gazed at his beautiful conquest of the night before. The young man was still wearing the gaudy diamanté play collar that Rick had buckled around his neck and his hands were lightly bound together in front of his body with the black silk scarf Rick had fastened around his wrists. When Rick pulled back the sheet, he positively purred at the sight of the bite mark he'd placed on the sub's juicy, curved bottom during the night.

Rick leaned over and began kissing his way down the sub's back, one vertebra at a time, until he reached that luscious ass. The young man stirred, murmuring something, still half asleep.

"Come on, baby - open up for me," Rick murmured in his ear, impatient to plant his tongue deep inside the sub's ass, where his hard cock had been most of last night and intended to be again this morning.

"You're insatiable, Rick," the young man complained, moving his leg obligingly anyway.

"Oh, yeah, I am, and you're beautiful." Rick took hold of the sub's butt cheeks and pulled them apart. "Such a pretty sub… mmm… that's good… you taste so good, baby," he murmured appreciatively between licks.

He had no idea what the sub's name was, but he'd long ago learned that using generics like "Baby" and "Sweetheart" was a good way of not offending his conquests by getting their names wrong. He'd never been any good at remembering names and besides, what did it matter? These beautiful subs he picked up in the most exclusive clubs in L.A. knew they weren't getting a permanent collar from him.

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