Eclipsed Promise

David Silver

Copyright 2012 by David Silver

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

It was my birthday. I had the unique advantage of knowing this despite just coming into being. I could feel the joy of my kin at my presence, and with it, so many feelings and images. I knew what they knew. It burned through me in dark waves. I could see our past and present and they blended together in a confusing pastiche of information. In an ideal universe, I would be permitted days, weeks, years, to sift through it all and determine my place, but we did not live in an ideal universe.

I could feel the insistent tugging of duty. Newborn or not, there were things that needed doing. First, I was to be given a true body. While our native energy form was majestic and flexible, there were many advantages to having a physical presence. I flowed towards the calling presence, and found a body, empty and waiting for me. In a flash, I could see its source. Screaming and panic as the body's old essence struggled futilely against its fate. It did not know the terrible truth. It is just as well that the essence has been removed, leaving the body clear for me to inhabit.

As easily as a physical creature dons clothing, I drew up the form around myself, and slipped my essence into its limbs. It held around me snugly. I felt stifled a moment. The solidity of a physical form was a startlingly restricted existence to my short lived freedom, but the feeling passed as I opened my new eyes. Darkness. I had not realized how dark it was before. These eyes could not perceive well, but other senses began to be felt. I could smell the scent of other bodies, many empty, awaiting others like myself, all in slumber.

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