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I could also hear. Soft breaths close by, the scraping and scampering of claws, the soft padding of feet, even quiet voices came to me as I stood still for a moment. Touch came next, and I realized I was laying down. I rose to my feet in the darkness, growing more assured of my new body. It would do. It would have to do, for it was to be my own for some time. As I inspected myself with touch, I confirmed I was covered in soft fur, had five limbs. I paused then. A tail, the fifth was a tail. Our progenitors did not have tails. Finishing the inspection, I determine that I am healthy, and male. Moving with increased confidence, I felt a gentle pulling and knew that I must hasten.

I left the small room, following my unseeing senses through the dark tunnels. My duty was becoming more clear by the moment, and I didn't pause as I fled the tunnels and emerged into the open. My eyes stung for a moment as sight returned to them. I could see a great darkness above with many specks of light. A grey streak that ran across the sky. That used to be the moon, said my still awakening memories. Our arrival was when it shattered. The people of this world still weep over the event, but our kind know none of it. Why should we shed tears for a moon we have known for such a short time? Tears. I raised a hand to touch the moisture running from my black eyes. I was crying. There was no time for that. Following the images that burned through my essence, I took off at a run towards the nearest native city.

Chapter 2

It was a bright and sunny day. It felt great against my fur as I laid in bed. I should have been awake and about hours ago, but at the moment, I didn't care at all. I faced the sun with closed eyes and whispered soft thanks to the Creators as the sun soaked my body. How good of them to make me able to soak up this warmth so well. My black and white fur glistened in it, and I felt renewed. If it wasn't for the loud thumping of a fist at my door, I might have just slept the rest of the day away.

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