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About the Book

The importance of spirituality in daily life has remained one of the major concerns of the Author. He has all along been a keen observer who tried to prescribe that a spiritual awareness can bring us out of the personal, social, economic and political problems we are facing off-late. In this book he has tried to bring out how spiritual consciousness can solve the problems we face in friendship. Spirituality has been the manifestation of the divinity already in us irrespective of our innate diversity. The clash of interests amongst the individuals can best be solved if the oneness of the humanity is realized. We have to feel that there is no Two but One in this nature because universal oneness is the substructure on which the socio-economic superstructure is based. There is no difference between the sacred and the secular rather the sacred is the base of the secular knowledge otherwise secular knowledge will be devoid of its ultimate goal that is to do good for the society we live in.


  1. Prayer

  2. Preface

  3. Chapter 1 - Best Friends or Best Friend: A Paradoxical Debate

  4. Chapter 2 - Love is The Most Important Basis of Union in Friendship

  5. Chapter 3 - The Role of Sensational Feelings in Friendship

  6. Chapter 4 - On Sentimentalism

  7. Chapter 5 - How To Solve Mutual Disagreements when Estrangements try to Disturb A Friendship in a Post-Modern Age : A Logistic Perspective

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