Star, her best friend since childhood, recommended stripping. She insisted Kayla had an amazing body and wouldn’t have any trouble at all making a quick buck.

“Stripping is too risqué, Star. Plus, I’m not a good dancer, nor do I enjoy taking my clothes off for strangers. Hell, I don’t enjoy it all that much when I know the person I’m undressing for,” Kayla remarked to her friend. They both laughed. They were sitting on the couch in Star’s two bedroom apartment, where Kayla was staying until the closing.

Star ignored her friend but picked up and scanned the newspaper. After only a minute of reading through the classifieds, she shrieked and jumped off the couch, scaring her roommate.

“This is so perfect for you!” Star exclaimed. “Wanted: ‘Pretty, athletic adult female to escort businessman on an out of town trip to Boston. All expenses, including travel, food, and wardrobe will be paid for. Escort will have her own room in a two-bedroom suite in the city and is not expected to perform sexually. Pay is $5000 for Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.’”

“That can’t be real,” Kayla rolled her eyes. “Men don’t pay for a woman’s company and not expect sex,” she had to admit, though, even if only to herself, she was intrigued.

“How do you know? Maybe he’s gay. And just when was the last time you were on a date to know what a man expects?” Star didn’t let her answer. “A weekend trip to Boston would be fun! Maybe he needs to impress some business people. Besides, if he can afford five grand on a weekend, he must be loaded. How much do you need to close on the house?”

“$4500,” Kayla hated to admit Star was right, but she was. The amount was nearly a perfect match to what she needed for the closing, plus a little extra for her savings account.

“See? It’s perfect! Email this guy, now!” Star threw the newspaper at Kayla and then brought the laptop over to the couch. She watched over Kayla’s shoulder as Kayla sent out a short and direct email. She included a picture of herself, as well. The reply email came not more than a minute later.

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