Miss Jones,

I have attached a questionnaire that will help me decide on just the right candidate for this position. I wish to remind you that although the position is listed as an escort, there is absolutely no expectation of sex. This is strictly a business deal. I need a companion who is smart, beautiful, preferably funny, and comfortable in her own skin. Please print the questionnaire, fill it out, and fax it to the number listed below. I look forward to your reply and possibly meeting you, as well.

James Madison

Kayla wrote down the fax number he provided and printed the questionnaire. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but Kayla knew that online interactions could be deceiving. She decided then and there that if she went to meet him, she would bring along some muscle, just in case.

Star grabbed the pages off the printer. “Wow, he wants to know quite a bit about you,” she said, handing several papers to Kayla.

Kayla looked it over and nearly laughed. Height, weight, birthplace… At least he didn’t ask for her address. She chuckled and grabbed a pen to start filling out his questionnaire. It took her nearly an hour, but once she finished, she used Star’s fax machine to send the pages over. Within ten minutes, there was a reply fax with a scribble on the first page.

Check your email. –JM

The other pages contained a similar questionnaire and his answers to them. Kayla began to read through his answers and found she was pleasantly surprised. James Madison was born in Boston, Massachusetts in nineteen-eighty. So that made him thirty-two, Kayla calculated. He was 6’4” and weighed two hundred pounds. He owned a law firm in Springfield, Massachusetts and the business did quite well. He didn’t have any partners in his firm, but rather four lawyers working for him. He was outdoorsy but well-read, which surprised Kayla. Most men were either one or the other, not both. She was intrigued, but still wary.

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