After reviewing his questionnaire, which contained a few details about his childhood and plenty of details about his business, Kayla remembered to check her email. She opened two other emails before clicking on James’ email. She noticed the attachment and downloaded it. As it popped up on the screen, she could only stare in shock at the man in the photo.

“Holy cow!” Star exclaimed from where she stood behind Kayla. “He’s gorgeous!”

Kayla refused to voice her opinion of him aloud. She knew she was in trouble; he was stunning. But more than that, he was almost regal. His eyes were the most insane and intense shade of green Kayla had ever seen. He wasn’t even smiling in the photo; his perfect lips were drawn into a furiously serious thin line. Kayla could tell he didn’t like having his picture taken. She smiled at that realization. His jawline was strong and his nose fit perfectly to his face: not too large, not too small. She knew she was staring at the screen for too long; she was absolutely enamored of him. His good looks were intense, but she recognized a kind of sadness in those deep green eyes – she’d felt that kind of sadness in her own life. She was drawn to him, even through the photograph. She definitely wanted to meet him.

Clicking back to the email he sent, she read what he wrote.

I am definitely up for a meeting in person. I can understand any apprehensions you may have, so please bring a friend with you to the Mexican restaurant on First Street on Tuesday evening. Our reservation will be at seven.


He was used to being in charge, Kayla noticed. Not that he would be able to boss her around that way. But for the time being, she knew she would listen to whatever he told her for one simple reason: she needed the money.

At six-thirty on Tuesday, James arrived at the restaurant. He was nervous, which was a first for him. He was usually so controlled and calm. But this woman stirred something in him. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he knew she was different. He’d employed more than one escort service in the past to assist him in business meetings; at his age, his business associates wanted to see him more settled down than young and wild. He had a steady stream of women who accompanied him on business dates and because of them, he’d made several deals with his clients. They liked to see him in a loving relationship.

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