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What Others are Saying about God Wife: A Story of Dreams and Realities

[This autobiographical novel of the life in Nepal of Mani Nepali] is fascinating and engrossing. I was captivated and could not stop reading. It all seems so plausible. The flow and prose are flawless, weaving the imaginative and the real. The humor crept up on me, balancing the serious to set just the right tone.”

--Robert Waterman, Ph.D. in Political Science, Gonzaga University

The authors successfully address major cultural, political, economic, and social issues. . . . [God Wife] contains fascinating stories rooted in Eastern traditions, myths, and superstitions, but what engages the reader and keeps him reading is the unfolding of events and the revelations about character from Mani Nepali's childhood through his teenage years and young adulthood.”

--Dhruva Thapa, Chief Editor,

The book is wonderful. I feel so sad for the little boy who turned up at Propakar Orphanage so many years ago and can picture him now. Somewhere along the way, he had picked up confidence. He was such a talented child, always singing, painting, writing poems and songs, and performing for the other children. They all looked up to him. The book is beautifully written.”

--Margaret Williams, Evsham, U.K., former VSO volunteer in Nepal

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