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Dragonato Rhythm

By L’Poni Baldwin

Smashwords edition

© 2011

(Contains 12 stories from the first chapter of Dragons & Cicadas)



Narcissus loved gazing at the shimmering orb in the sky. Sometimes she would swim up and wave at it. Her shark, Uwi, thought she was crazy.

When the mornings were warm and the nights were cold, she would watch the sun and moon rise and fall.

On a cold autumn morning, she saw a large silhouette sweep across her view. It amazed her, to see something so huge!

It was amazing! It was awe-inspiring! She swam as fast as she could to reach the surface.

When she broke the barrier of the water, she saw nothing but the distant rock and the clouds in the sky. That rock, Lachea, always mystified her at night. Today, in broad daylight, she could only see the figure of…


“Good lord,” she said breathlessly, “my goodness! An actual dragon!”

She quickly dove into the waters and swam to summon Uwi from his dormant sleep.


“A mermaid?”

The black dragon tilted his head, wondering what the hell did he just see.

His stomach started bothering him again.

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