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The Imagination Has Awaken

Challenge the Beast

There had been a movement of colonization. Each civilization was getting fed up with the Company stealing their discoveries and taking their land for their own profits. The Company was stealing the mineral rights, leaving them with only a hard shell of a home and a dying planted.

The one thing the Company didn’t count on was a band of settlers on a planet rich with fuel the Company needed to run their ships. It was a mineral called firelight. It was about the downfall of tyranny and the beginning of a new future for a small town. It was two men sacrificing what they believe in to correct a wrong and take on the giant to bring him to his knees. This is their story listen close with an open heart; maybe someday you will do the same.

The rider entered from east side of the small town. He came up to the sign and read Second Change, population five hundred. He could smell the fresh pinewood. He could see the town was new from the landscape and incomplete construction on some of the building.

The rider sensed he was being watched. He turned to see a ten year old he just staring at him. The rider leaned in the direction of the boy. “Can you tell me where the sheriff office is, boy?”

The boy didn’t respond. The rider nudged the horse in its flanks and headed into town to find the sheriff’s office.

He noticed the streets were deserted. The general store was closed and doors boarded up. The saloon seemed to have the only business and visitors.

The sun was setting in the west end of town and the rays were hitting him in his face, burning his eyes, causing him to bring the brim of his hat down to block the sun. He kept his gun hand on butt of one of his gun in case he needed to use it. It bothered him riding into the sun.

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