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Surprises! – Kitty Castle – Book 2

Celesta & Keziah Thiessen

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Celesta Thiessen

Cover art by Josh Branscum

Chapter 1– A Kitten!

When the children woke up in the morning, Nightcat, their magical cat, was not in their room. They rushed to the library and looked at the pillow near the fireplace. Nightcat was not there either!

“Oh, no!” said Keziah. “Nightcat hasn’t come back.” Keziah was one of the three princesses who lived in Kitty Castle. She had long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. Keziah and the other two princesses were all almost eight years old. They were triplets.

Priscilla and Celesta looked around sadly. Priscilla had long, straight brown hair and Celesta had long, curly blond hair. David and Richard also looked for Nightcat, first in their room and then in the library again. David was five and had blonde hair. Richard was eleven and had brown hair. They both had brown eyes.

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