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Vampire Glossary

Bloodbold - blood addiction that could jeopardize and expose the vampire species

Dematerialize – to physically disappear

Materialize – to physically appear

Matuphase - cycling from prematurity into an adult vampire male

preveems – teens

show your teeth – to be brave; show bravery

tooth-flash – to give notice; to warn; a warning; to admonish to stop

tundrav - vampire family dwelling; home; a lair

tvarmigan - vampire attire 

vampathic ability - vampire sensory perception

vampkinetic ability - vampire telepathic communication 

vamplings - young vampires

vampryn - a female vampire

vampstyle – vampirish; vamp-like

VIV – very important vampire  

vymmla - mother, guardian, caretaker

vyrdame – a respected vampryn of power and/or status

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