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Danny and Oliver

A Ferret-Rescue Tale

Karen Hearing and Michael Hearing

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Karen and Michael Hearing

This is a work of fiction. The characters (both human and ferret) and situations are inventions of the authors’ imaginations. Any resemblance to real persons, pets, places, events, or institutions is purely coincidental.

Danny and Oliver: A Ferret-Rescue Tale

“Danny! Come get this rat out of my room!”

“Mom, he’s not a rat. He’s a ferret.”

“Well, it looks like a rat to me. Why couldn’t you just get a dog like a normal boy? Whoever heard of having a ferret for a pet? And it stinks.”

Danny McGuire sighed and got up from his homework to retrieve his pet ferret, Oliver, from his mother’s bedroom – from under her bed, he was pretty sure. “Coming, Mom.” He had begun to wince noticeably now whenever he heard these “normal boy” comments. He was twelve years old, almost thirteen, nearly a teenager, and his parents were still trying to make him into something other than what he was.

So Danny entered his mother’s bedroom to get Oliver. She wasn’t through, though: “And Johnny Tatum called to see if you wanted to play ball this afternoon – he has a dog, a border collie, you know – but I told him you were reading a book . . . again.”

“Mom, I’ve got two tests tomorrow.” Danny knelt down and peered under his mother’s bed. Sure enough, there was Oliver, chewing on one of her favorite pair of slippers, which Danny decided not to mention just then. He reached under the bed and got Oliver, a panda ferret, by the nape of his neck. Danny pulled him out, supporting Oliver’s hind feet in his left hand, and gave him a stern look. Oliver blinked and wiggled his whiskers, trying to look as innocent as a four-legged thief can. “Okay, buddy, back to your cage.”

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