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By Cheree L. Alsop

The Million Dollar Gift

By Cheree Alsop

Copyright 2012 by Cheree L. Alsop

Smashwords Edition

Cover Design by Andy Hair

To my husband, Michael Alsop,

Whose love helped make

This Christmas story possible.

To my family for filling every

Corner of our home and lives

With laughter and joy.

I love you!

Chapter 1

Chase rolled over slowly. The motion awoke the pain in his bruised muscles and he stifled a groan. They would be back. Torn’s men didn’t give up so easily. They must have gotten distracted by something. He pushed to his feet and brushed off the grimy snow that clung to the garbage and dirty pavement. It would be best to be gone by the time they returned. He began to backtrack down the alley when a scream stopped him in his tracks. The distraction.

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