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  1. Emari Valdicar’s

  2. Monster Lovers

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To J.M., without your friendship this series would never have existed.


"Love is stronger than death."


Part One:


June 1st, 2393

If the ramblings of a gay old man on his deathbed interest you, then feel free to peruse these pages of my journal. I only ask this, that you have an open mind and an open heart, for my story isn't for the faint of heart. My name is Sebastian Mann. For almost four centuries I’ve lived here in Happy Valley, a quaint town nestled on an evergreen hill, near the southern tip of Vancouver Island. I grew up here, you know. It may seem like your ordinary, liberal, hipster town, but a lot of weird things happen here. Magic. Vampyres. Zombies. Many of my closest friends have now died, some of old age, most of them from supernatural causes. My promiscuous lifestyle could’ve killed me. Yet I was one of the "lucky few" that has survived beyond my teenage years. Now at the end of my life I will confess how it all happened, how my life as a werewulf began...

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