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Spanked By My Professor

A Student/Teacher Erotic Discipline Short Story

Copyright 2012 Luna Loupe

Sophie leaned back in her uncomfortable seat, not noticing the way the hard wooden back of the chair dug into her shoulders. All her focus was on the lecturer, but not because of what he had to say – truth be told, the last notes she’d made for her Philosophy class had been on day one, and they had gone something like…

1. Philosophy in the Modern World

a. Holy crap this guy is hot. I wonder if he’s single?

From that point she just gave up. Dr. Black was hot, even when he was talking about whether or not free will truly existed. He was tall, his suits were well-fitting, he looked like he still worked out enough to keep fit even though he had been a Philosophy professor for ten years now, and his salt-and-pepper hair was just so right on him. Sophie wasn’t normally into older guys, but when Dr. Black turned his spectacled gaze toward her side of the room her thighs squeezed together involuntarily.

She looked forward to his classes – not for the content, but because seeing him in person made it all the better to daydream about unbuttoning that smartly-cut coat of his and having him push her to her knees.

The size of the class was a blessing and a curse for that: it was on the small side, so she was up closer to Dr. Black – all the better to see him and wonder what his hands might feel like on her skin – but it made it much more obvious to her classmates and to the professor himself that she wasn’t paying attention, even though she sat in the back row to try to make it less obvious.

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