by Ayami Tyndall

Published by Ayami Tyndall at SmashWords

Copyright 2012 Ayami Tyndall

Cover by Taliesin Tyndall

Photos courtesy of Bina Sveda, StillSearc, Emiliano Spada, Ariel da Silva Parreira

* * *

Chapter 1

The inferno begins as a spark. A pinhead of anti-matter, invisible above a flattened pillow, detonates against the atmosphere, growing first into a perfect sphere, then deforming into a snarling wave of searing atomic energy. First to dissolve is the pillow, gone in a puff, and then the floor begins to melt, thousands of tiny pops joining the roar as the neutron-locks explode. The racks of parts are engulfed in an instant, and then the blaze fills the room, splashing against the walls until it finally funnels through the only door. The flames race along the path of least resistance, paying no heed to a mere man in their way. He doesn't even have time to turn before being swallowed whole, snuffed out as instantly as the teardrop of anti-matter.

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