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Ascending Goddess

By Tim Kavi

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About the Cover Photo: Pictured is Mt. Kailash, a holy mountain that is located in Tibet, China. It is a holy site to many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism. It is also holy to some of the precursor religions to Tibetan Buddhism, the Bon; and also Jainism. The mountain has been considered to be the seat of spiritual power, one of the six pillars, the center of the universe, or a place where spiritual leaders received enlightenment. This holy mountain is the scene of an annual pilgrimage where people of various spiritual traditions walk around the mountain, an event that is thought to bring them good luck. Pilgrims also make this journey throughout the year. It has never been climbed. It is also the site of interesting history and mythology that includes stories of at least two major Goddesses. The Goddess Parvati is thought to make her abode there with her companion, Shiva. The holy family of Hinduism is thought to be embedded there as well. Milarepa, the Buddhist poet and mystic, was challenged to race up the mountain, and found himself to have ascended the mountain on rays of sunlight after meditating, winning the contest. To the Bon, it is the abode of the sky goddess, Sipaimen, who has her own mythology. Lake Manasa Saravar is nearby, which is also a holy place of pilgrimage and blessing.

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