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The Bet: Sex by the Book

“How can you read this garbage?” Robert asked as he picked up one of Jenny’s romance novels and started thumbing through it.

“This coming from a man who thinks the letters in Penthouse are for real?” she answered tartly.

Jenny had been friends with Robert since grade school and they knew all of each other’s worst secrets.   There was no way she was going to let his trash-talking go unanswered.

Robert smirked at her jibe, but was undeterred.  “Seriously Jenny, I just don’t see how a smart girl like you could get caught up in this type of junk.” He threw the first novel down onto her bed and picked up another, opened it and started reading, “’She ran her hands over his quivering loins’, I mean, who does that?”

“My books are fun,” she said, defending herself. “It’s the way romance should be,” but then added to herself, “and the way real relationships never are”.

“Your room is littered with these unrealistic fantasies and it’s the reason you don’t have a boyfriend” he answered.

She raised an eyebrow skeptically, as if her lack of a boyfriend was all her fault. She was tall, slender and had enough curves to get all the male attention she wanted. She wasn’t the problem – Robert was! He made life hell for anyone she tried to date and didn’t believe any guy was ever good enough for her. If he’d spent more time talking to them and less time glaring they might have stuck around a bit longer. In his defense, any guy who could be intimidated into leaving probably wasn’t good enough for her anyway. Besides, it wasn’t like his track record was any better.  She had to admit to herself that she hadn’t been exactly encouraging either.  He was too buff not to get attention and too smart to keep the type of women who flocked to him. They were bimbos who didn’t get his quirky sense of humor and just wanted to be taken care of.

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