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Grandpa’s Stories

The 20th Century As My Grandfather Lived It

Janet McNulty, editor

Copyright © 2014 Janet McNulty

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Second Edition

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I remember growing up listening to my grandfather’s stories about his life during the war and after. He told a few about the Great Depression and the constant struggle to find work. At the time I never paid much attention to them. I always thought that they were the stories told by an old man as he looked back on his life. Useless tales for someone so young like me.

I spent practically every summer with my grandparents where I was always given a heavy dose of his stories. My grandparents live on a ten acre spread of land in northern California near the Redding and Red Bluff area. That was where I spent most of my summers in between the school year. I remember helping my grandfather feed the cows, pick vegetables from the garden, even weeding that massive garden, and I remember being taught how to drive a clutch in his 1976 Ford Pickup.

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