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Climate Change and Peak Oil

By Kar Y. Lee, Ph.D.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Kar Y. Lee

All rights reserved.

Initial Release Nov. 2012

Table of Content


An interesting coincidence

part 1 Global Warming

Chapter 1 – The climate’s natural cycles

Chapter 2 – Carbon dioxide and atmospheric temperature

Chapter 3 – Is global warming good or bad?

Conclusion on Global Warming

part 2 - Peak-Oil

The Oil Boom

Doubt about actual world reserves

Oil discovery rate and backdating

Reserves and Production Rate

Shale Oil

Oil Shale

Conclusion on peak-oil

Climate change and peak-oil


134 killed in southern Russia floods disaster - Flash floods deluged Russia's southern Krasnodar, killing at least 134 people in the region's worst natural disaster in decades…,” read one news headline on July 7, 2012. Rain poured down on the Krasnodar region of Russia near the Black sea area, dumping as much as 5 months worth of rainfall in a matter of hours, flooding villages and stranded residents. The amount of water was so huge that local people suspected, though incorrectly, that it was the release of water from nearby reservoirs that had flooded their place.

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