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By Isuru Abeysinghe

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Isuru Abeysinghe

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This book follows on from my previous work “Hitler's Youth – An Analysis of Mein Kampf” and follows the book from chapter 3 to 12. Through these chapters we see the progression of his book, at first primarily autobiographical, now increasingly become a political doctrine where he talks instructively as opposed to personally regarding his views on the world around him. I would suggest reading the first book as a precursor to this reading, although it is not essential. The aim of this book, unlike the previous, is to make a critical analysis of Mein Kampf on a psychological level, by exposing the driving ideals behind Hitler. While most efforts will be made to expose contradictions, misrepresentations and faulty logic through the work, I will also attempt to place some of the ideas of Hitler into historical context. Hitler was adept at using history to “support” his claims, however like much of his assertions they can be shown to be either based on outright lies or a style of cherry-picking which exaggerates an isolated incident. The main theme of his book through this stage revolves around solving the maladies of the German nation (as he perceives them) and is also centered around a fundamental claim surrounding an asserted “global Jewish conspiracy.” This second part picks up where the former left off – where Hitler elaborates on the conspiracy itself and what he claims the Jews are actually trying to achieve.

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