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Short 'n' Curly

by Julie Patterson

A collection of poems, prose and short stories, previously published on the Short 'n' Curly website from 2000-2005

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Copyright 2012 Julie Patterson

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My mind is flooded with images that I don't want to see anymore. They haunt me, twisting my emotions with each frame they reveal. When I close my eyes at night they rise and spool against my eyeballs in a dance of vivid dreams. My history, my life, a past I don't want to deal with thinks that it's time I do. I have nightmares of what happened to me. To rectify the night terrors I don't sleep but this action leads to my mind contorting and creates a haze, a blur where reality, the here and now becomes as castrating as my dreams. It's four days since I've slept and voices are starting to speak, as they do when fatigue wears away at your sanity. I want to fight but to fight I must reveal my current state and I know what fate will befall me if I do. I have to remain out of the psychs clutching hands but keeping the secret is tearing me apart.

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