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The Call of the Sea

By John Heap

Copyright 2012 John Heap

Smashwords Edition

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The Call of the Sea

It was early morning and Peter Farris, camera bag over his shoulder, was walking along a deserted Marine Drive in Southport. He was supposed to be working but that morning the light was flat, grey and disappointing. Noticing the bright beads of water collecting on his fleece he realised that the once soft drizzle was now more insistent and that his waterproof was still in his bag. He looked up ahead to see a brightly painted shelter guarded by a solitary gull perched on the seawall railings. On reaching the shelter, he nodded to the gull but then stopped, startled by the presence of a young woman. After an awkward moment of indecision, he sat down.

She looked across at him.

He removed his jacket from the bag and spent a long time putting it on; his goal of a smooth action followed by a smooth exit confounded by the awareness of being observed.

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