The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse

by Grandma Sharon

Maurice Finds Double Trouble


US Copyright #TXul-369-831, July 10, 2007 - Sharon Meyer
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Zzzzzzzzzz ... Zzzzzzzzz ... Maurice DeMouse was snoring tiny little mouse snores when he was awakened by a strange sound. With one tiny little mouse eye open and a big yawn, he laid there in his bed, but couldn’t go back to sleep.

As he yawned again, he wiped the sleep from his tiny mouse eyes, stretched his little mouse legs, shook his body, and wiggled his skinny little mouse tail - like he did every morning when he woke up.

Wicky-Wacky-Whoa! I’m ready to go!” said Maurice.

When the little mouse stuck his head outside his mousehole, he saw a small fuzzy creature. It had feet very different from his own tiny little mouse feet. None of Maurice’s friends had feet like that!

“And what’s that on it’s mouth?” he wondered as he wrinkled up his cute little mouse nose.

Maybe he was still sleepy. Maurice rubbed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again he thought he was seeing double. Now there were TWO of them - two little fuzzy things.

They were making squeaky, peeping sounds. They each had two large feet and waddled from side to side when they walked. And they had BIG lips on their mouths.

Maurice approached them very carefully. He had never seen anything like this before. Then he noticed that the two little fuzzy things seemed to be crying.

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