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The Neon Avenger


Copyright 2012 Lee Gliddon

Smashwords Edition

If you are reading this then I’m about to share with you what some may consider as an honour, the truth and secrets of the man behind the mask of a legend.

My name was Adrian Roseman. I use the word “was” because it is not my surname anymore. I had to change it to protect my family and I will not disclose the one I use now or (my exact location) for obvious reasons. I was also known by another name. Let’s go back and start at the time where my little bubble of a life was about to pop and open my world to things I never thought were possible on that stormy night when my life changed forever.

I had been working late at my electronics repair shop. Ever since I was a child I had always loved taking things apart and trying to repair them. It seemed like the right career to follow as it suited me perfectly. It used to drive my father crazy when I would take the television remote apart, one of the few fond memories in my life.

Anyway as I said I was working late repairing an old video recorder for a regular customer of mine, Thomas. He was one of those people who didn’t like change and was really set in his ways and when I say set I mean in stone. He would bring his outdated faulty electronics to me and I would repair them for him free of charge. I didn’t mind as he was getting on a bit and I could never bring myself to charge him. He passed away a long time ago of old age.

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