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The Orchard


SheilaW. Perry

Copyrighted 2012 by Sheila W. Perry

Smashwords edition


Chapter One

Watching the afternoon sun beat down on the road crew half a block up, I was trying to decide if I was glad that Julie decided to stay back at the orchard today or not. As I sat in the hot truck and thought about it I realized that the cost of her doing me that favor may have been too high. Julie knew that I knew that asking her to give up an opportunity to come into the city was a big deal to her. In typical taught by Maggie fashion she bargained for it.

Looking along the dusty block I wondered where Mom was and thought about how I’d come to care about Julie. And maybe because I cared it made me less resistant to the constant badgering about Maggie. I would never admit it to anyone, especially Julie or Maggie, but it was getting easier to have her around. I remembered our first meeting. I was working out by the barn one day when she came walking up. I thought I recognized the lanky teen as one of the local girls that Maggie had recently hired to work part time at the diner. Knowing that information, I should have recognized a red flag when it was waving right under my nose.

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