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Ava accidentally places the spell on her principal, Libby Lubbock. Libby is wrestling with her own issues in the love department, namely the fact that she’s deciding whether to give her ex a second chance after the ex cheated. Libby is beginning to think she’s the type who is better off single.

The spell can be undone, but it requires Ava and Libby getting to know each other better. Lots better. Libby agrees to the undo because no way does she want to fall in love with Ava if she can help it. However, perhaps the last paragraph in a letter Ava’s grandmother wrote is right: “Why all these crazy steps? My great-great grandmother, the witch, strongly believed that things happen for a reason. This time with the ‘wrong person’ will help determine if the wrong person might be the right person, after all.”

Can Libby and Ava cast a love spell that has nothing to do with abracadabra magic and everything to do with the magic of true love?


I dedicate this novella to my wife, Melanie, to our cats, Dopey and Flirt, and to our dog, Chester. Dopey died during the writing of this novella, which is ironic in a way because the character of Mrs. Purr was already in full force as a combination of Dopey and Flirt. In Mrs. Purr, part of Dopey will always live on. Part of Flirt, too. I don’t believe in abracadabra magic, but there is no denying that after Dopey died, Flirt (who is a year younger than Dopey) started taking on many of Dopey’s behaviors—behaviors Flirt had never done. Who knows, maybe magic does exist.

Thank you to all my readers. I mean everyone, including the people who have bought my books and the people who take the time to review them and/or email me. I owe a special debt of gratitude to my editorial readers as well as my beta readers. They include my wife and then (in no particular order!) Dar, Nicki Wachner, Lee Fitzsimmons and Linda S. North.

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